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Colorado Craft Company’s Slimline Macarons

Hi friends! I am really excited to share this project with you today. This is going to be a longer post, so I hope you have a few minutes to share with me. I also have a free USA shipping code from Colorado Craft Company to share with you: FREESHIPPINGAC. ($5.95 off international shipping.) this code is good through tomorrow night, Feb 28th.

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you know I am a HUGE fan of Colorado Craft Company. Their Big and Bold line is one of my favorite lines in the crafting community. When I pick a BB stamp for a coloring session, I know I am going to be in my own little world for a couple hours. I am infatuated with coloring, and every session I learn something. Whether its shading, blending new colors together, or seeing an image in a different way, I am always excited for this special quiet time. Watercoloring these Macarons a few nights ago didn’t disappoint.

When I first saw this Slimline Macaron stamp, I was enchanted with the image. I am not a huge macaron fan, in fact I’ve only seen them in person once. But it was that one memory that inspired this card. Four years ago, I was pregnant, and wanted to constantly walk. Since we live in the Pacific Northwest, walking outside for half the year is pretty hard, due to rain. So my husband and I would pick different malls in the region to go visit. One mall, outside of Seattle, has an adorable candy shop. At the front of the store, there’s a window counter, full of truffles, fudge, and macarons. And the colors of those macarons were gorgeous! Very whimsical, almost fairytale like. They were so pretty, and I just couldn’t stop admiring them. So with that memory in mind, I opened up this stamp package, and started painting.

I stamped the image with Ink On 3 Fadeout Ink, onto Arches Cold Press Watercolor Paper. (The watercolor paper was cut to 8.5×4 inches.) I taped the panel to a clip board with painter’s tape, and set up my watercoloring station: 2 mason water-filled jars, a few paintbrushes in different sizes, paper towels, a damp washcloth, a porcelain palette, and my watercolors. For this session, I used Daniel Smith Watercolors.

Let’s talk about color. I used three Daniel Smith colors for each macaron. The main color inspiration was from Jean Haine’s Master Artist set by Daniel Smith.

The last color for each macaron was used sparingly, mainly for the above, and/or below shadow. I also used Shadow Violet for the ground shade.

The brushes I used were Silver Brush Black Velvet watercolor Brush (Size 8 Round), and Princeton Neptune Watercolor Brush (Size 6 Round). I love using these brushes. Silver Brush holds a lot of water, which is great to move the pigments, and the Princeton has a fantastic sharp tip for fine lines. They’re both a great size for this project. I kept both brushes in my hand, using the #6 brush to add pigment, and the #8 to spread the pigment.

I did turn my camera on while coloring, and talk about the process in this video:

That’s all that I have for today. I hope I was able to pass along some coloring tips and ideas. Thanks so much for stopping by!


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35 Replies to “Colorado Craft Company’s Slimline Macarons”

  1. Your macarons are gorgeous and look good enough to eat! I love the cheerful rainbow of colors you used.

  2. Oh sweet girl….. this is so AMAZING! CCC is such a great line and you surely add your take on all of the BIG&BOLD stamps. Watching your process was so inspiring, thanks so much for talking it through and these colors are so gorgeous. I try to stay a way from bakeries, sweets are my down fall… love this so much and I thank you for your talent. Yummbly!!!!!

  3. Angelica, this card is stunning. The colors are so rich and vibrant! The Macarons look realistic enough to eat! Excellent watercolor!

  4. Love this!!! I love their Big and Bold line. I’m new to watercoloring and the BB stamps great for practicing. I have some Daniel Smith colors but not all of these. I do have the big Daniel Smith sample dot card so maybe I could use that.

  5. Oh my goodness! This is sooo incredibly amazing, Angelica! This is such an awesome image! Wonderful size … perfect for your slimline design! And your watercoloring … WOW!!! I am just in awe by the amount of control that you have on your paint! You are sooo talented! I’m so happy that you’re making these videos! I LOVE watching your creative process! 😍😍😍 Thank you for sharing your talent! 😊💕

  6. This is such a lovely colorful and yummy looking card.

    I don’t have Instagram. Does that knock those of us out for the chance of winning if we don’t have IG? Apparently it won’t let us leave a comment if we don’t have an account.

    1. Don’t be afraid to use them! They’re some of the best on the market. Once you understand they’re water control, you’re gonna be hooked. I promise!

  7. The details remind me of the macrons I had from Paris. I can tell the love that you have for these CCC bold stamps for how they are transformed into the most beautiful pieces of frame worthy art. You are a very talented artist.

  8. What a wonderful painting! Thank you for posting your recording of this project, it was helpful to watch you create as I’m still new at using this medium.

    1. I’m away at the moment, but once I get back to my craft room, I will be making a lot more watercolor videos

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