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Copic Tips And Video

Hi friends! It’s been a crazy month at our house. We took advantage of a warm weather patch, and did a huge home renovation. I haven’t had a lot of time to color, but found some quiet time early yesterday morning to color before my daughter woke up. I turned on my recorder, and did color swatches until I was motivated to do some actual coloring.

Do you ever get in a coloring rut? If you do, what do you do? I would love to hear about it. When I do, I find just making swatches helps me out. No matter what medium… watercolor, pencils, markers… If I can start seeing colors happen on paper, I get motivated. So, yesterday morning, at 4am (yes, I actually volunteeringly get up that early!)I made color combinations. Well, I didn’t really “make” them, these are just colors I pull out most often when I color. I thought I would share them with you, and maybe give you new combinations for your coloring sessions.

Let’s talk about these colors…

  • R59, R29, R35, R32- my most used red combination. This is a very intense combination, mainly because of the very deep red from R59, perfect for balloons!
  • R29, R24, R22, R20- a toned down red, more on the warmer side of red. R29 is a beautiful bright red, but is not a grayer tone for shading. I recommend colored pencils or darker red Copic if you need a darker tone.
  • E07, YR18, YR07, YR04- great fall color combination. great for Pumpkins, or leaves.
  • E35, YR23, Y21- muted yellow combination, I use this a lot with flowers. Change E35 with V93 for a cooler yellow tone.
  • V91, Y15, Y13, Y11- V91 is a wonderful light violet to put under Y15 for a shadow color
  • B06, B02, B00- great combination for blue flowers in bouquets
  • B97, B95, B93, B91- my go-to combo for jeans, or ocean friends
  • YG67, YG63, YG61- this muted green combo is perfect for Christmas scenes, trees, and ornaments
  • YG17, YG05, YG03, YG01- bright green combination that’s perfect for summer scenes, palm trees, and tropical foliage
  • V99, V95, V93, V91- these muted violets are gorgeous for flowers, or clothing, and work wonderfully under yellow colors, too.
  • E47, E44, E43, E42, E41- perfect for critters, and hair
  • E77, E74, E71, E70- Works great for woodland friends
  • E37, E35, E33- great for tree trunks/branches, boots, anything leather

These colors aren’t written in stone. They are just here as a reference, to help newer crafters build their collection. I couldn’t find a resource like this a couple years ago, so I hope this can help you.

It feels so good to be a bit more organized, and connected with my markers! And I couldn’t help but color this sweet Pawty Time stamp set image from MFT Stamps for my daughter’s friend birthday.

I used Pawty Time Stamp set, and Lined By Hand Background stamp set to stamp Neenah Dessert Strorm card base with chocolate ink.

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8 Replies to “Copic Tips And Video”

  1. This makes me feel right at your home…. love it and thanks so much for the combinations! I keep practicing and I think I might be making some progress. Practice makes perfect, right! Love your videos and am very grateful for your tips. How exciting about the house project too. Hugs…

    1. Practice DOES make perfect!! Good job. Makes me so happy to hear that, Anne. Always love your kind words. ❤️

  2. I love using my copic markers for colouring and I am always looking for new color combos and tips. Really enjoyed your video and look forward to more of them on copics. Really cute card!

  3. Fantastic video, Angelica! I can watch you color all day long! Thank you so much for sharing the secrets to your beautiful cards! I’m definitely going to try out some of your Copic color combos!

    1. Thank you, Hanh! You’re so supportive. I must say though, your coloring is outstanding, too!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your Copic color combinations! Adding that violet shade to yellow is brilliant! I have never been able to get a good shade on yellow coloring. I have bookmarked your page and will be referring to this every single time I sit down to color. Now… in all your spare time… how about your tips on where to shade when coloring. That’s the other thing I struggle with, is where to apply shading. I never get it right. Thanks again for this video. I got SO MUCH out of it!

    1. Yay! Thanks for your comment. I’m glad I could help. I talk a little bit about shading in the first video on my YouTube channel. I will remember to talk more about shading in an upcoming video. ❤️

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