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Vintage Christmas Collage Book + Video

Hi friends! I have a special project to share with you today. Last week was my dad’s birthday, and since his favorite time of the year is Christmas, I decided to make him a handmade Christmas decoration for his mantle. I had not seen anything like this before, until I visited a local boutique. The owner was there, and she was kind enough to walk me through how she put her project together. I picked up a couple tips, and immediately drove to Goodwill to find some hardback books.

I started off by prepping the books. I took the paper jackets off, gave them a wipe down, then added a layer of white gesso. Once dry, I glued ripped up napkins on the outside covers. I added a second napkin layer at the top for extra texture.

Next, I glued on the Christmas music paper. I found copyright-free papers from a website found HERE. I followed the instructions and links provided, and printed off the songs I wanted to use. To make my own collage of music, I attached the songs to another piece of printer paper, trimmed the edges, then scanned and printed on my printer.

I aged the paper with coffee and tea, and let dry in a 200 degree oven, checking often.

Once the paper was attached to both books, I glued them together, and attached images from my rice paper collection. (I browse Etsy every few months or so to see what new rice paper is available.)

I made sure to decorate the back just as cute as the front.

I had a few empty spots to fill, so I pulled out some transfers from IOD Christmas Valley transfer book. (I’ve looked all over, and I think they’re sold out.) I show the transfer book in the video.

My last step was adding twine and some greenery from my stash.

To see the whole process, you can find the video HERE:

That’s all that I have for now. I’m working on more Christmas gifts, so I will be back shortly with another project. Bye For now!

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  1. This is so amazing!! Love the finished product and I know your Dad is going to love it too. I think this is something I would try. Winter is a long season here in Michigan, so maybe after the holiday rush I will check out what I have and what I would need to purchase. Great video and thank you for all the tips and I am definitely going to check out the transfers. Nicely done…

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