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Christmas Ornament Flip (So EASY!!) + Video

Hi friends! I am stopping by today to share a few ornaments I flipped over the weekend. I am starting to get my ornaments ready for Christmas, and have been wanting to repaint these ornaments. I bought them last year on Target’s website, but they were a shiny gold and copper color. Loved the price (50% off), but was not a fan of the color.. so I painted them.

How pretty are these shapes?? I’m telling you, it was love at first sight. They came in a pack of 10, and I ended up buying 4 of them. I used Home Decor Chalk paint (Barely Pink, Cascade, and Java), and white flour for texture. Interesting combo, right? I started by painting one layer of paint, then I sifted flour all over the wet paint. I set the ornament aside to dry, and once fully dried, I used a soft brush to dust off any remaining flour. The flour gave the ornaments a scratchy surface, which I wanted for when I added the copper patina. I painted a second layer, no flour this time, and let the paint dry.

to add the copper, I used Saran Plastic Wrap and Debbies DIY Pennies From Heaven Copper Patina. Any metallic paint will work. I have used silver paint from Micheals, and even a couple small metallic paint bottles from Walmart to do this technique. This just happens to be my favorite metallic paint in my collection at the moment. It is so pretty in person! The sheen is gorgeous, and it is highly pigmented. I brushed the paint onto the Saran Wrap, crumbled the Saran Wrap up in my hand, opened it back up, then gently covered an ornaments with the wrap. I did this several times on each ornament until I was happy with the results.

My last step for these ornaments was spray painting the caps. I used a few different sprays, though that is not necessary. I recommend a Hammered spray paint if you only want to pick up one color. Home Depot has a good selection in colors. I used Dark Bronze and a Gold Hammered color, and the Dark Bronze was by far my favorite color. The caps only took a few minutes to dry, but I let them stay outside for a few hours to air out. They do smell like paint for a little while.

You can watch my whole process HERE:

So if you have any ornaments in your stash that you haven’t used in a while, paint them! Give them a new life. This is such a fun project to do, and highly recommend you giving it a try.

That’s all that I have for today. Keep your eye out for more Christmas inspiration. I have a lot more to share in the next couple of months. By for now!

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  1. Gorgeous results! Thank you for the video, Angelica. It really helps explain the technique for adding the patina.

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