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Colorado Craft Company Berry Much Slimline

Hi friends! There’s a new release today in the Colorado Craft Company shop, featuring illustrations by the talented Kris Lauren.There’s tons of designers involved in today’s release, so be sure to hop along to see all of the beautiful inspiration being shared. I have links to their blogs listed down below, as well as details on a giveaway.

I started by stamping the Berry Much Slimline image onto Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor paper, using InkOn3 Fadeout ink. I used my MISTI to stamp the image, and ended up stamping three times so I could see the lines. (This is a REALLY light ink, and my favorite to use for no-line coloring.) Next, I taped the paper down onto a clipboard, and picked out Daniel Smith watercolors to work with. I also picked out a small variety of round paint brushes. For most of the painting, I used Escoda Versatil round brushes, sizes 2 & 4, and then switched to Princeton Heritage round brushes, sizes 2 and and 2/0 (super tiny!). The Princeton size 2 brush is smaller than Escoda’s, and really helped with the detail work around the blueberry calyx.

I watercolored in layers, taking my time to get to know the berries. I thought at first I wanted to have blues and violet berries, which is why you see a couple berries violet. I used Mayan Dark Blue for the berries, and mixed in a touch of Quinacridone Red for the violet. I ended up ditching the violet idea by the second layer, though. The leaves I painted with Rich Green Gold, and the branch with Burnt Umber. You can see I did a super light first layer, saving details and shading for later.

My next two layers is where I really started focusing on light source. I was also trying to figure out how I was going to paint the leaves. I’ve not painted too many leaves, so there was an intimidation factor there. I was still using the Escoda brushes, and they’re really nice to work with. They hold a lot of water, and have a gorgeous tip. For paint colors, I used Mayan Dark Blue, Burnt Umber, and Sap Green for both layers.

For layer 4, I started playing around with the leaves. Again, I didn’t feel comfortable with what I was doing, but still made myself push through it, and expanded my greens to Undersea Green, and Serpentine Genuine, and Green Appatite Genuine. I also started adding Neutral Tint to the berries where I wanted shadows, and Sepia to the right edge of the branch.

For my last layer, I just cleaned everything up. It was actually hard to stop. Especially with the leaves. That is something I have a hard time doing, self-editing. What I learned about painting the leaves is… I need to practice painting more leaves. lol… seriously though, I am glad I had this painting session. It’s been a while since I pulled out my paints and brushes, and I’m glad I reached for them. I learned that I need to paint on a more regular basis. Not only because it will give me practice, but also I forgot how much I love to paint.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope I was able to share some tips with you. If you are a food illustration fan like me, I have another 3C blog filled with fruit illustrations. You can find that blog HERE.

I have two more cards to share on Thursday, featuring another stamp set from this release, so I will see you then!


Colorado Craft Company is giving away a stamp set at each stop in today’s hop, winner’s choice. Be sure to hop along, and leave a comment at each stop for a chance to win! Giveaway ends May 7th and winners will be announced on the 9th.

Today’s Designers:

Angelica Conrad
(you are here)

Caly Person

Jessica Frost-Ballas

Amy Young

Kelly Griglione

Donna Hitz

Joe Sysavath

Kassi Hulet

Traci Jenkins

Jennifer Gross

Jennifer Kotas

Erin Thompson

Nancy Sheads

Amber Rain Davis

Adam Karle

Daniel West

Bibi Cameron

Jenn Shurkus

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  1. Oh my goodness, these blueberries look so real! Great job on the coloring.

  2. Hi, Angelica – I will head to CCC to check out this release. Your card is a beauty!!
    Lori S in PA

  3. Dear Angelica
    The coloring is outstanding. Love it so much. You hv done justice to the beautiful stamp set. Tc stay safe

  4. Dear Angelica
    I don’t hv words in my vocabulary to describe the coloring on your card. It looks more than real. You hv done absolute justice to the beautiful stamp set. Tks for the inspiration. Tc stay safe

  5. Wow, your coloring really blows me away! Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, all those things & so much more.

  6. Angelica, the card is beautiful. I love the simplicity of the berries. Your watercolors is stunning!! This is a really nice stamp set.

  7. Your watercoloring has really taken off… beautiful berries! I look forward to picking mine as soon as they are ready. Colorado Big & Bold series is one of my favorites. They are always so fun. Nice job! Happy Birthday to all you May girls

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Your coloring skills are amazing! The berries look so real!

  9. I’m ready to eat your blueberries! They look so real! You did a fantastic job!

  10. Your wateroloring is so beautiful. I just love this card. Thanks for the layer descriptions and photos. I’m a watercolor newbie, and your process post is very helpful.

  11. Thank you for detailing how you painted the blueberries. They are so realistic, they made me hungry for them!

  12. This no line coloring is the way to go with these berries…I just didn’t know it till I hopped on your blog. I can’t wait to get this stamp and try out your techniques. This is a precious piece of artwork.

  13. You did a lovely job of painting the blueberries. We grow a few bushes of blueberries and your’s are very realistic. I think the blueberries are so pretty before they are quite ripe when they have pinks and lavenders.

  14. Wow! Your painting skills are fantastic. These blueberries look very real and beautiful. I would have loved to watch a video of you painting them so that I could see the layering process.

  15. Beautiful coloring! The way you color this image is so realistic. I love this card as blueberries are one of my favorite fruits to eat. I feel as though I could pick one and eat it off your card!

  16. Just finished making some blueberry jelly. I love this image. Beautiful work!

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