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Abundant Joy Christmas Ornament + Video

Hi friends! I have a fun project to share with you today, featuring The Greetery’s Abundant Joy die. I love stretching my craft supplies, and since I have a large selection of dies, I love to use what I can on Christmas crafts.So today, we are making ornaments.

I thought these letters would look fabulous on an ornament. I love the embossed lines, the swirly O, and saw the potential of distressing it with a variety of paints and waxes. So I spent a day and made 4 ornaments. These ornaments did take a little while to do. I spent 6 hours on them, let them dry overnight, and varnished them the next morning.

I used Liquitex to attach the letters to the ornaments. This was a slow process, so be ready to be patient, and to get your fingers dirty. In fact, by the time I was dint with these ornaments, my hands had primer, glue, and wax an my skin and nails. It took awhile to clean them up. But it was well worth it. I absolutely love how the ornaments turned out.

Supply list:

You can watch how I made ornaments HERE:

I hope I was able to pass on some inspiration and ideas your way. That’s all that I have for now… See you soon!

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2 Replies to “Abundant Joy Christmas Ornament + Video”

  1. ❤️❤️❤️
    I make sets of ornaments for family every year using these glass ornaments and knob stickers and now I have another ornament idea that they will love! Thinking snowflakes will look really well too…small florals…now I’m distracted for today. Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  2. I here by dub you the Queen of Ornaments!!! These are too gorgeous. I am saving this post as we are traveling home from our trip. I would love to spend some time making ornaments with you … Great job! 😍

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